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SUNIJ remains committed to growing its presence in international markets by delivering high quality products at affordable prices and constantly upgrading our offerings.

SUNIJ already has experience in many international markets listed below.  Its WHO-GMP and ISO-9001 certification enable it to manufacture medications in several international markets.

SUNIJ has grown, matured, learnt and wishes to be reckoned as achievers. SUNIJ’S entry to these markets is backed by approval for its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities like WHO-GMP, AN ISO 9001 CERTIFIED COMPANY.


Antwerp (Europe)

Copenhagen (Europe)


Mauritius (Africa)

Dar-E-Salam (Tanzania)

Burundi (Africa)

Benin (Africa)

Yangon (Vietnam)

Helm (Germany)

Latin America, Congo (Africa)

Sri Lanka (Asia)

Lusaka (Zambia)